6 January 2017

How to Earn Free Google Play Gift Cards and Credits

free google play gift cards

Android which is a Linux-based operating system provides us more power, control, and flexibility to get most out from it. Or if you are a root user and using SuperSu or KingRoot to get root privileges then you can also able to change IMEI number and device id.

In Google play store, you can find either free or paid apps. The free app contains annoying advertisement which irritates you a lot, but you can even block these ads using AdBlock or lucky patcher. While the paid app needs some money or google play gift card.

Here is a tutorial which will guide you how to earn google play gift card by which you can easily purchase paid apps and games without a credit card. But before going to the whole process you just need to know,

What is Google Play Gift Cards?

Google play gift card credit may be a cash reward which you can transfer to your PayPal account or in a gift card. Gift card codes which have no any expiry period can easily be bought and sold on the Internet. The gift card can be used to buy anything from Play Store i.e., App, games, movies, books, Indian or international entertainment. Whether you're at home or on-the-go, you can redeem your gift card voucher on any Android device.

Best way to earn Google play gift cards

The best way to earn gift credit is by doing the online survey or by joining some genuine reward programs. And one of the best is Google Opinion Reward.

What is Google Opinion Reward?

Google Opinion Reward is simply an Android app developed by Google Consumer Surveys where you no need to add any money whether by using credit card or debit card. This program will send you survey each week by which you can earn upto 2$ per survey which can be used to buy app and games from playstore without any hassle.

Note: This app is not available for iPhone.

How to earn free gift card by using Google Opinion Reward App?

1. You just need to go to the play store to download the Google Opinion Reward APK for free.
2. Then, launch the application as usual, and here you will receive an introduction to the app. Just skip the introduction and go forward.
3. Now, The App will ask you to provide some information about yourself. Just do it a usual.
4. Now, you will be taken towards app dashboard where you can view Google play reward and credit history.
5. Now whenever any survey is available, you will receive a notification about it which you can see in App dashboard.

2 January 2017

Infolinks Review - Make Money Blogging In Text Advertising

Infolinks Review - Make Money Blogging In Text Advertising

If you are a dedicated blogger, you will find lots of ways to earn money online like affiliate marketing, Adsense programs, direct ads selling. And, if your blog is generating the lots of traffic per month then you may be using a combination of ads network for monetizing your blog and website. Suppose, banner ads fill all your ad slots and there is no place to adjust a new ad network and there may be that your blog is rejected by the best ads network like Adsense, Buysellads. And, you are worried about your earnings.

If yes, then you no need to worry. Infolinks is one the best ads monetizing programs that accept all kinds of blogs including hacking and cracking & adult sites and the approval process is too easy. The best thing about it that it can be directly compared with Google Adsense programs due to the following reasons,

 1. High CPM(Cost per impression) and CPC (Cost per click) that means it will not only pay you for per click but also for page impression. Sometimes, Visitors does not click on the banners and at that point of time page impression works great because you will get paid only by page views.

 2. All the hacking & cracking sites falls under the negative list of term and conditions of Adsense but in Infolinks programs there is no any such conditions.

3. The monthly payout of Adsense is US $100 dollar and it does not offer for Paypal payment. On Infolinks, minimum payout is US $50 dollar and it provides payment via Paypal.

4. Infolinks recently launched their referral program. If, someone sign up with your recommended link, you will get 10% commission of their earnings for the whole year. After sign up only, you will be eligible for this option.

How to Sign up for Infolinks Program?

The sign-up process of Infolinks is too easy, you just need to fill up a simple form. you can also sign-up with you Facebook and gmail so that you can login to your account more easily and securely. click here to join

What kind of ad units Infolinks Provide?

Infolinks currently provide 5 kinds of ads units as given below,

   1. In-text: Unlike Adsense, Infolinks does not require any ad space onto your blogger or website to display ads. The process is totally different from banner ads. Infolinks just need to scan your whole blog post and when they find any profitable keywords then they automatically convert them into a link. When a visitor hovers on the link then a popup ad will appear or displayed and you will get paid. For example, see below,

how to make money online via blogging with infolinks, scam, payment proof, virus programs block on chrome

2. In tags: tag unit will appear on the bottom of the blog posts or at the top. You can also have an option to add this unit anywhere on the blog just by adding this HTML code to your blogger template area. 
Infolinks Review - Make Money Blogging In Text Advertising

29 December 2016

How To Buy And Sell Class Notes Online - Make Money Online

buy and sell class notes online

The online marketplace is not only limited to buying and selling of physical goods only. But there is a significant number of online markets which is also deal with digital items. And the biggest advantages of digital items is that you no need to hold inventory and neither you need to incur any cost of delivery.

When we thought about of buying and selling of used goods then, the first eCommerce website comes to our mind is eBay online store. And you can also sell your digital items there for free. But from the last few years, there are large numbers of scam happened on eBay marketplace which made almost impossible for a newbie sellers to sell their products there. If you want to become a rockstar of eBay store, then you need to get at least one start rating.

So you must keep one thing in mind that you need a high rated eCommerce store to sell your class notes online whether in India or outside India.

And following is the best mode to buy and sell online safely,

1. Amazon Store: Amazon is one of the largest marketplaces where anyone can buy and sell their goods safely. Ther are only a few person knows that Amazon also sells ebooks either in Kindle format or PDF format.
If you want to sell you class notes in Amazon store in pdf, then you need to create a PDF of your class notes and then convert that PDF into Kindle format. And after that, you can easily make huge money by selling your engineering, Btech(CSE) or high school notes.
If you want to sell your notes in books, form. Then I will not recommend you to go this way. Because you need to incur a lot of expences like delivery cost, packaging cost, etc.

The best thing about Amazon store is that you can sell your class notes globally.

How To Scrape Data From Website Using Jquery And Yahoo YQL

jquery ajax and yahoo YQL web scraping
Jquery is one of the most famous JavaScript libraries by which you can quickly add the animation effects to your web page. But it is not only limited to adding animation effect only. You can also build Android application (by using Jquery framework, Cordova) and Web applications.

Web scraping which is a part of web application plays a negative role in web development. Because it is a process of using bots to extract a particular content or the whole page from an external website. And many of the search engines and websites treat it as the malicious attack.

If you continuously scrap the same web page consistently, then it will amount to ban your IP address either temporary or permanently.

So in this case, we can use Yahoo YQL(Yahoo Query Language) as a proxy to make a cross-domain request by which we can easily scrap HTML web pages.

Note: Here is an example of web scraping Tumblr video downloader

I assume that you have only basic knowledge of JavaScript, Jquery (Ajax), and HTML.

JQuery cross-domain Screen Scraping

First we will need to target a web page to scrap HTML content. So, just for example purpose, I am using here 'example.com'. From here, I will scrap heading <h1> tag,

Jquery and yahoo YQL web scraping tutorial
1. Now, navigate to Yahoo YQL Console. and enter the following into the textbox area, and then select JSON, hit on 'Test'

select * from html where url="http://example.com/"

Note: The above query will scrap the whole page of example.com

jquery and yahoo yql web scraping

3. And, copy and paste the REST Query (at above image, rest query is the third highlighted area)  into the Notepad for further use.

25 December 2016

How To Open .MSG (Outlook) Files Without MS Outlook

free msg outlook files viewer without outlook
As we know, MS Outlook is one of the most popular email clients which is used by millions of people over the world to send and receive emails.
MSG file extension is used by Outlook client to store emails. And to open these file extension, you must have MS Outlook installed either on your computer or Android device.

Or you can also use Notepad to open MSG files, but the only problem you may face is that you may not able to see images or other attachments.

So, here in this guide, I will show a brief guide on 'how to open .MSG files without Outlook client or email account?'

Recently, I have made a tutorial on how to read WhatsApp database messages on Android without root.' Where I have covered four ways to read crypt files programmatically.

1st way

How To open .MSG files on Android without Outlook client?

If you have an account on Outlook then you can easily open .MSG file by installing their email client on your android device. And if you have don't have account then you no need to create an account there, you just need to follow the below tutorial.

EML - Reader - View MSG outlook data file
1. The first thing you need to do is to download and install, EML Reader FREE.

2. Now Launch the application as usual.

3. Locate your files using built in file manager and then open & read the .MSG files as usual.

2nd way

How To View .MSG files on Windows 7/8

As I said earlier, you can use notepad to open and view .MSG files but you may not able to see pictures or any other attachments. There are thousands of application available across the web which will help us to parse .MSG files. And in this way, we will do the same,

1. First of all, download and install MSGViewer

Note:- It is a Java webstart application. You cannot directly print the emails, but you can copy and paste all the contents into any other place like MS word. So that you can print it.

2. Download file will be in zip format. So you need to unzip it using winRAR or any other tool.

3. Launch the application as usual.

4. Now you need to drag-n-drop your .MSG file into the application. That's it.

20 December 2016

Amazon Promotional Coupons and Discounts for Gadgets 2016

Coupon codes

Amazon coupon codes for discount from 25% to 75% on Tablets, Smartphones, Power Bank, speakers or Home Theaters, WiFi routers, headphones, Laptop (includes Lenovo, Sony, etc) iPod, Apple, Toshiba, Mi.

Amazon Promotional Coupons for smartphones and mobiles 2016

Upto 40% off on smartphones

Detailes; Save upto 40% on all purchases of smartphones.

Amazon Promotional Coupons and Discounts for laptops Lenovo, and Sony vio

Upto 30% off on Laptops

Details: 30% off on Laptops by Lenovo, Asus, Apple and Toshiba.

Amazon Promotional Coupons and Discounts for Tablets

Tablets under Rs.10,000

Details: Tablets under Rs.10,000.

Amazon Promotional Coupons and Discounts for Gadgets 2016

Up to 50% off on Power-Banks

Details: Get up to 50% off on Power-Banks from brands such as Eveready, Sony, Nokia and more.

19 December 2016

100+ High PR Instant Approval Article Submission Sites Lists

Free Instant Approval Article Submission Sites Lists

Note: List is given at the end of the post.

Link building is one of the techniques of search engine optimization. Search engine treats link from the other website to a website as a vote which helps them to rank a site. But while building backlinks, you must ensure that links are not coming from less authority sites or spam sites otherwise, this will not only decrease the rank of your blog but also Google may de-index your site.

When Google spider crawl a site, then the spider need to find out two kinds of link from the such site
1. Dofollow
2. Nofollow

Nofollow is an HTML attribute which does not allow search engine bots to follow and it does not pass any link juice. While the Dofollow link allows search engine bots to follow.

How to find the authority of a website?

Two types of website authority,
1. Domain Authority (DA).
2. Page Authority (PA).

DA or PA is a score developed by Moz that represents how a website rank on search engines. Domain Authority measures the strength of an entire domain or a subdomain while the page authority measures the strength of a particular page. Both are the essential factor of Search Engine Optimization. So the question is how to find out the DA of a website? and how to avoid spam sites?

17 December 2016

How To Reduce Image Size Without Losing Quality - 3 Ways

Loading speed is one of the core factors for a website to rank on the google search. Bloggers often use a dedicated server (or a Content Delivey Network) to reduce bandwidth consumption to save cost, but at the same time, they also need to ensure that images do not lose their quality while reducing the size of the pictures.

You often find that whenever you try to resize the image either to make the pictures enlarger or smaller, your images looks unprofessional or blurry. It will not only make your presentation too clumsy but also make your project not understandable.

So in this tutorial, I will show you four step by step guide to reduce the size of the pictures without losing quality;

1st way

Photoshop - Reduce Image Size Without Losing Quality

1. First of all, Open image in Photoshop.
2. Next, select Image > Image size (Located at the left hand side upper corner).
3. Now, select Width, Height as per your choice. And then in the pixel dimensions setting, select Bicubic sharper (reduction). As shown in the below picture.

reduce image size in photoshop without losing quality
4. And, now hit on ok. That's it.