8 January 2014

How To Hide Folder Without Any Software in Window 7/8

There are many files which you want to hide from unauthorized eyes .And there are a ton of software available to do this .

But by a simple trick discussed below , you can hide any files or folders without Software . Hide files without software.

how to /

  *  Right click on desktop or any directory and create a NEW FOLDER

  *  Press F2 and rename it with a empty space by pressing [ALT + 0160]. NUM LOCK SHOULD BE ON.


Now you can see a folder without any name

  *    Right click on that folder>PROPERTIES> Customize>CHANGE ICON

        *   Scroll a bit, you can find an empty icon select it

        *   That it now you have an invisible folder without any software

            *   Image below shown hidden folder :::::

            *   Now , You have done it .

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