How To Root Android Mobile Without Computer

How To Root Android Mobile Without Computer


 Root is the way to get Superuser permission to customize your android and have administrative right to install and uninstall internal installed apps.But after root it will  void your mobile guarantee. You can get back your mobile guarantee by unrooting your Phone .

How to Root :   

1. Download ' Framaroot '. And install as usual.   

Note : Framaroot is a app developing apps, So, Google drive/Chrome may warn you that this may harm your pc. Its a virus infected file. So, you have to ignore the message.               

2.  After install, then open/launch the app then click on INSTALL SuperSU from the drop down menu

3.  Then you will find three type of EXPLOIT  ( i.e. SAM ,FRODO , ARAGORN  ). Tap any of the available exploits to root your device.

4.  After that you will get a prompt saying you that whether your device rooting successful or not. if unsuccessful then try another one.

5. If your device rooting successful then Reboot (restart) your device.

Note : - It has been reported that 'Framaroot' is not working on some Android Phones .

 So , if your device is not rooting , then  try this apps ROOT CHECKER . It will say that your device will be rooted or not.  [After install this app click on Verify Root Access ].

How to Unroot :  

*  Launch/Open "Framaroot" . 

*  In the drop down menu, select Unroot and skip further.

* Now your android mobile will automatically unroot . 

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