14 June 2014

How to Block Adblocker Users On your Blog

Adblocker is the very popular browser extension made for block advertisement of website.When anyone installed extension of Adblocker in their browser then all the advertisement in the blogs are automatically blocked by the extension. But it is the very serious problem to the bloggers because a blogger makes his website to earn something by advertisement or other affiliate programs. So in order to remove this problem I have a great css code which will disable the Adblocker extension..

Note : Backup your Blogger Blog and Template

Steps are given below ;

1.  Log in to your blogger

2.  Go to  Dashboard  >  Template  > Edit Html

3.  Now find out this    </body>  by pressing  CTRL +  F

4.  Then paste the below code just before     </body>

<div id="abt-adblock-container">
<script type='text/javascript'>
<script type='text/javascript'>
if (document.getElementById("abt-adblock-container").clientHeight < 11 || document.getElementById("abt-adblock-container").style.position == "absolue") {window.location = "http://goo.gl/6CHBJs";}

6.  Now SAVE the template.Done .

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