24 June 2014

How to Host Game Website on Blogger

How to Host Game Website on Blogger

Some of the blogger wants to know how to host a gaming website on blogger.But they don't know how to do it. they searches on the internet but don't find any idea for this .But you really want to host a gaming website on blogger, you came at the right place.

How to?

1. Read this tutorial   " HOW TO RUN FLASH GAMES ON BLOGGER "

2.  If you have good collection of games in .SWF format ( if not , download them online free) , then share this at this website 


How to share  ?

  1. Go to the website www.shareswf.com 
 2. Register there
 3. Upload your files
 5. then find your uploaded file and click on that
 6. then find the embed code at right site upper corner
 7. and paste that code at you blogger post or widget area
 8. you have done.

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