24 June 2014

How to Solve CMOS battery failure problem on PC

                                       How to Solve CMOS battery failure problem on PC
Sometimes , when we start our computer then we get during starting a warning message telling CMOS BATTERY FAILURE ,CMOS CHECKSUM ERROR  , CMOS TIME NOT SET.  and when you start your computer, then every time you have to set your time and date.
This CMOS battery problem is happened when your CMOS battery ( which is located at motherboard is out of date  or obsolete due to any reason).       
Then what we have to do.

You have to purchase a new  CMOS BATTERY , which is  amounted to rupees in indian INR  25 and in american dollar  0.50 dollor.  Not just very, its just a penny amount.
And REPLACE the battery with the old one.

How to replace  :

Two Options :

1. Go to computer store , and they can do it for you for some rupees.

2. You can do it in home.   ( For this option , just follow the given tutorial. Please read all steps before doing this. )


1.  Purchase a new CMOS battery from the store.

2.  Remove your CPU from Body of Pc.
3.  Now, open your Pc.
                                     How to Solve CMOS battery failure problem on PC
4.   Now find out CMOS battery which is very small in size.

How to Solve CMOS battery failure problem on PC
 5.  Now Replace the CMOS battery with the New one.

6.   Now close your CPU.


  *  Please don't try above tutorial, if you not understand the above tutorial.
  * If not understand the above tutorial , then it is better to solve this problem in computer repairing store.

 If you don't follow the above condition , then i will not be liable for any damages or harm caused by this tutorial. done

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