31 July 2014

How To Block Emails Senders on Gmail or Yahoo

Yahoo and Gmail is the top ranked Email messaging service provider for free all over the world . They don't charge any cost and gives various features . We receives too many emails daily on both yahoo and Gmail from which some emails are spams .

So, Yahoo gives a service to block these mails, But Gmail not . So, I have found out a way to block emails senders on Gmail .

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Instruction :

 Block Emails in Gmail

 1.    Log in to your Gmail account.

 2.    Now, Go to Settings.

3.     Then, Click on 'Create a New Filter'

How To Block Emails Senders on Gmail or Yahoo

4. Then , a pop up form will appear.

5.  Then Write 

       a. " Form "  =  Enter email address which you want to block  i.e                                                                                   hugestreeet@gmail.com.

        b. " Has The words "  =  Block  (Spams).

6.    Now click on "Create a new filter with this search".

                                                 See below picture  ( from step 4 to 6 )

How To Block Emails Senders on Gmail or Yahoo
7.  Now, again a form box will appear then tick on , "Mark as read "  or on "Delete It ".

8.  Now, then click on "Create Filter".

9.  Now, you have done .


Block Emails on Yahoo

1.  Sign in to your yahoo mail account.

2.  Then, click on Settings.

3.  Then, click on Block addresses .

4.  Now, enter the email address in the Add a address box .

5.  Now, click on Save

6.  Now, you have done.


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