22 July 2014

How To Use Mobile Camera as a Webcam For PC

How To Use Mobile Camera as a Webcam

Webcam is a online video chat too which is used to call each other face to face. Many of the computer or laptop has pre-build webcam and many has not.

So, Today , We have learned, How we can use our android as Webcam on PC.

How to /

1. Download and  Install  SMARTCAM  for PC .     click here 

2. Then download  SMARTCAM  for   Mobile .        click here

3. Now , Launch  SMARTCAM on your pc and then  click on   FILE > SETTING . and then choose your connection.

[ If your mobile and pc both have  Bluetooth , then select bluetooth ]
[ Or , If bluetooth missing either on mobile or pc , then select TCP/IP  ( WIFI ) .  and then click ok. ]

4. Now, then launch  SMARTCAM on mobile and then click on  OPTION  >  CONNECT.

5.  Now, it will ask server name , Now enter your Pc  ip address in place of server name. done
NOTE : - If you don't know your ip address then click on this link,
, http://whatismyipaddress.com/

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