30 August 2014

How To Bypass Adfocus, Adf.ly, Linkbucks and Others

Adfocus, Adf.ly and Linkbucks are most popular URL shortener which short the long url into a short link. These shorteners not only to provide a free shortener services but also provide some handsome income that you can earn.

Sometimes, when we click on a link to download a file then we redirected to advertisement page. So, I have a very amazing trick to Bypass it.

Steps :

1.  First, go to this link "Bypass".

2.  Now, after click on above link, you will be redirected the advertisement bypass page .

3.  Now, you will find a URL box, then Enter  " Your URL"   in the box.

4.  And Then click on Expand.

5.  Now, after click on 'Expand', You will see the 'Actual Link', which is genuine. Now click on the Actual Link to download your file.


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