9 September 2014

How to Make Direct Link of Dropbox Files

How to Make Direct Link of Dropbox Files
We Know, Dropbox is the very popular and most leading File hosting or sharing website which provides us to share our files up to 2 GB. Now, we will discussed about to make a direct link of our Dropbox files.
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Note : You can also make direct link for Dropbox files without follow the below tutorial click here.

How-to ?

1. First, Get your Dropbox File URL and write the URL on your PC  Notepad. Your URL something looks like below,


2.  Now, make Changes in the URL. Just Replace 'www.dropbox' with   'dl.dropboxusercontent' and Add  'dl=1' at the end of URL. Now after making changes, you URL will be look like below,


 3.  Now, You have done. The above modified link is the direct link of your file. this modified link will force the browser to download the files.

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