21 November 2016

How to Compress Large Files Into Small Size : 4 Ways

There are many files which you want to send through email and upload to the web for file sharing. The larger files may be up to 1Gb to 2 GB. So, it takes too much time to upload to the web or send through email. File Compressing is the best way to compress these larger files which can reduce your files sizes up to 90 %.

There are Four window Utility Software available which can be used to reduce larger files:
1. Microsoft Built In Compressor
2. WinRAR
3. 7ziper
4. KGB File Compressor

1. Microsoft Built In Compressor : Microsoft Compressor is a pre-built in utility program which is used to compress larger files into smaller size.
How to/

        * Right click on the folder or file which you want to compress or reduce size
        * Then Select 'send to' > 'compressed (zipped) folder'. done .

 Microsoft compressed utility does not offer to advanced option, otherwise it compress or reduce the file size as much as possible.

How to Compress Large Files Into Small Size : 4 Ways

2. WinRAR: WinRAR is a shareware file archiver and compressor utility for Windows with advanced functions. WinRAR also has an option to zip your file in various formats such as RAR, zip, rar5.

 How to /

        * Right click on the file or folder

        * Then select "Add to Your-file-name.rar". done
How to Compress Large Files Into Small Size : 4 Ways

3. 7ziper :  7ziper is also a best alternative of WinRAR and Microsoft Pre-built compressed utility with advanced function . 7zip utility program have more options than WinRAR. You can convert your compressed files into any format ( 7z , tar , wim , zip ).
How to /

 *  Right click on the file or folder.

 * Then, select "7zip" > 'Add to your filename.7z '. done

How to Compress Large Files Into Small Size : 4 Ways

If, you want to try advanced 7zip options, then select 'Add to archive' in lieu of  Add to your filename.7z

4. KGB File Compressor : Kgb file archiver is an advanced compressor utility program which can convert your 1GB files to 20 MB (if possible). Due to high compression ratio, it requires 256 MB ram and  1.5 GHz processor.

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  2. Awesome collection. I personally use WinZip ever since I learned from this guide: http://www.winzip.com/learn/file-compression.html how to compress files, and I think it works very well. It is very simple to use and works very fast!