28 October 2015

How To Install Spotify on Android, iPhone Outside UK, US

How To Install Spotify App on Android Outside UK, US
Use Spotify In India For Free
Like Gaana and Saavn, Spotify is also one of the music streaming android app which is freely available for UK and US. The music quality of this app is too awesome so that it is very popular and the first choice of music lovers. If you live outside the US and UK and trying to download this app, a message will appear while downloading the app that this app is not available for your country.

The only method to download and Install this app is to use VPN or proxy service that will convert your IP to US and UK IP and then you will easily install and use this app outside the US and UK or in blocked countries or the country where it is not supported (available).

How To Use Spotify in any iOS Device without invitation in India or any other country without Root/

1. First of all, download TunnelBear app. click here

2. Install this app on your Android as usual by following its wizard.

3. Now launch this app, and now select 'UK' from the list and then connect the VPN. Now, wait until your android connected to the VPN.

4. Now, log on to m.spotify.com and there you will see download link for Spotify app as per OS.

5. Now, look for Android > Manually download.  See below picture,
How To Use Spotify in any iOS Device without invitation in India or any other country without Root/
Spotify account in India free unlimited
6. Now, launch the application as usual and create an account there for free. and That's it. enjoy.

Note :  
1. When, you will install the Spotify app, then make sure that TunnelBear app running in the background because Spotify app try to check your country during installation.

2. Every time, when you launch the music app, then don't forget to launch TunnelBear at the same time and make sure the VPN connected to UK (as you select at step 3).

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