3 November 2015

How To Receive Any Files from Anyone on Dropbox [Free]

How To Receive Any Files from Anyone on Dropbox [Free]

A student, blogger or an entrepreneur wants a secure web place to receive files from their clients and friends. Google drive and Google form is best to send and receive files through Gmail attachment up to 15GB but if you want a separate web place where your client or anyone can upload their files and works. Then Dropbox will be your first choice because Dropbox launch a new services for their users i.e. File requesting services where anyone or a non-Dropbox user can upload their files to your Dropbox Folder through a simple uploading feature.

Receive Files from a non-Dropbox user to Dropbox Folder?

Demo - click here

1. First of all, create a Dropbox account [if, you do not have one].

2. Then, just look at the menu located at the left sidebar. Now, click on File request and then click on Request file.

How To Receive Any Files from Anyone on Dropbox [Free]

3. Now, just give your folder a name i.e. Students file and then click on 'Next'.
How To Receive Any Files from Anyone on Dropbox [Free]

4. Now, Copy the link and send to your friends, clients and share on internet so that your clients will able to upload their work to your Dropbox folder.

Note: - If  you do not want to share their link on the web then you can securely send the link through email. Just enter the email address of your clients and friends on the 2nd text box and then Dropbox will send the link for you.

How To Receive Any Files from Anyone on Dropbox [Free]

How To View Received Files

After enabling file request feature, a folder named 'File Request' will automatically be created. Just navigate to file menu.

How To Receive Any Files from Anyone on Dropbox [Free]

Final words:- In compare to Google drive, Dropbox is best because of its native feature. The best thing is that anyone can upload file without installing Dropbox or without a Dropbox account.
You can upload any files to the folder i.e photos, videos, zip, rar, document, PDF. But it is recommended that compress your files using WinRAR, 7zip so that Dropbox antivirus scanner shall not recognize it as virus and delete the files as the Google drive does.The file compression also helps you to upload and download large files very fastly and quickly.

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  1. I made FileToInbox, first for internal use and then launched it as an app: https://filetoinbox.com/

    It allows users without Dropbox accounts to easily upload files to your Dropbox.