Install and Run Multiple Instance of Same apps in Android

Android is the most popular firmware which has a largest collection of android apps and counting. Android  not allow us to only customizable apps but also offer for multitasking. We can run more than 1 apps in the same time. I have already discussed ‘ How to run two Whatsapp with two numbers in the same android device‘.

Most of the members saying that, I have two Facebook, Instagram, Twitter account . And i have to log in and log out every time for a new login.
So,  For the Higher  demand, I found out 3 ways to use multiple instances of same apps in one Android Device.

    1.   Using Patch Editor ( recommended ),

    2.   Using SwitchMe  android Apps,

    3.   Rename the Package name inside the apk (Being a Developer).

A. Using patch Editor:- Patch editor is an Android apps which is used to make a clone of any Android apps by which we can create a clone of our desired apps.

 How to ?

   1. First download and Install Apk Editor. Click here

   2. Then download and Install Apk editor patch. Click here. Apk editor patch is just a upgraded version of Apk editor , when you try to install Apk editor patch then, a message will appear telling that ‘ Replace application ‘ , then click on Ok.

Note : You have to keep your desired android apps on your Sd card which you want to double install .For e.g If i want to clone Facebook apps , then i will download and save Facebook apps in my Android Sd card.

   3. When you successfully installed the Apk Editor Patch, then open it and then browse your android (which you want to clone ).

   4. Now, Long press on the file and then select ‘clone‘.

   5. Then, Rename your files as per your desire, and then Press OK.

   6. Now, Browse your Sd card with the Regular file browser (ES file explorer or any).

   7.  And, Find out your Clone apps and install as usual. Done.

 B. Using SwitchMe Apps : This way not recommended at all because it requires Root. Only the Root users can use this application. SwichMe apps allow to create an another account like window where we create Users account.

    Important Note :

          a. Your android must be Rooted.

          b , Every time your mobile will restart, whenever  you switch between accounts.

     How to ?

          1. First Root your Android Phone. Click here

          2. Now, Download and Install SwitchMe from here .

          3. Now , When you open SwitchMe App, the it will ask for SuperUser Request, then click on Grant. See below Picture
                                                   Install and Run Multiple Instance of Same apps in Android

           4. Now,  a message will appear telling ‘Incorrect use of this app may harm your device‘, Then ignore it and then click on ‘Close’.

           5. Then, You almost done. then create a profile by your Real name or any.

           6. Then, Again create an another account by your Nick name or any  as you create a bulk of accounts in Gmail. see below picture,
                                                 Install and Run Multiple Instance of Same apps in Android

           7. Now, When you switch between these two accounts, then your device automatically get restart.

           8. If you want to install two WhatsApp or Facebook apps, then first switch your first account for e.g., then Install WhatsApp.

          9. Now Again, If you want to install 2nd WhatsApp, then switch your device second account (your Device will restart automatically as said). Now, again download and Install whatsapp. Done

You can install multiple instance of same apps  many times as your want.

   C.  Rename the Package name inside the apk (Being a Developer):- This tutorial just like the first tutorial (using Apk patch editor). But, sometimes Apk editor patch not worked, then you can use this tutorial located a Stackoverflow  website. Click here

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