A Price Tracker for eBay using Tasker in Android

A Price Tracker for Ebay using Tasker in Android

We know that online shopping in India has increased widely and according to the online database 40 million people has shopped in 2016 till now, and it will be increased by 200%  in upcoming 2 to 4 year.

And the biggest online retailer in India – Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, and eBay, etc. where you can not only purchase the product but also sell your new (and used on eBay) products by paying some small charges.

For online shopping purpose, I use buyhatke chrome extension to compare the same products with multiple shopping sites to save some extra money.

But, it is not possible to stay online every time with the desktop to track price drop. So for this purpose, I have created a Tasker profile which directly grab the price of the product from eBay store and display the same on my Android notification area. So that whenever price will drop or maximum and within my budget then I will purchase the product.

How to create a Tasker profile to grab the price of eBay’ product/

Note: Download link of this task is at the end of this post which you can easily import to your Tasker app without following the following tutorial.

Profile: Time [ From: 11 AM  To: 11 AM ]

A1: HTTP Get  [ Server Port: URL of your product ]

A2: Variable Set [ Name: %Ebay_data  To: %HTTPD ]

A3: Variable Split [ Name: %Ebay_data  Splitter: itemprop=”price” ]

A4: Variable Split [ Name: %Ebay_data2  Splitter: </span> ]

A5: Variable Split [ Name: %Ebay_data21  Splitter: > ]

A6: Notify [ Title: Your Product Name Text: %Ebay_data212 ]

A7: Vibrate [ Time: 200 ]

Screenshot of price alert notification on my Android

A Price Tracker for eBay using Tasker in Android

For Tasker trigger, I am using Time context, you can choose any other context to trigger your task.

Note: Don’t forget to create a home screen widget for your task so that if you missed the notification then you can easily trigger your task from your home screen and then immediately get the price drop alert.

In my next tutorial, I will show you how to create a price history of ebay’ product using Tasker by uploading data to google spreadsheet using HTTP post method.

Download Task


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