AirDroid 3 – Manage & Control Android Using Desktop

AirDroid File transfer is just an advanced file transfer protocol. It has both option to send or receive files either using WiFi connection over the same network or data pack internet connection. It does not matter where you are. AirDroid makes it easy to connect over internet data package that means you can send or transfer files to your home from your village.

It lets you, run WhatsApp and other messaging apps directly from your computer, manage photos, Send/Transfer/share your files using your favorite PC’s browser (Chrome recommended).

AirDroid 3 - Manage & Control Android Using Desktop

How to connect /

1. Download AirDroid to your Android  device. click here

2. Launch AirDroid On your android device. And sign up for free account .

3. And then navigate to‘ or put the IP address at your browser. address bar and hit enter. And sign in as usual.

AirDroid 3 - Manage & Control Android Using Desktop

4. Now, when sign is done. you will be redirected to the Control panel. Now you can see all your android device icons. Now you will able to manage your files and data.

1. Transfer Files To Your Desktop and Vice versa :

How to / 

1. First Login to AirDroid Account on Both the device (Computer, Android). Now, you will see various icons at your left hand side.

2. Just click on ‘Files‘ Icon. A pop up window will appear which will show your Android device Sd card (Both Internal or External).

                            Airdroid - Transfer your files between android and computer
3. Now , Browse your files which you want download. select a file and the right click on it and then select ‘Download‘.

4. You can also transfer a files to your Android by just selecting ‘Upload Option‘.

2. Install and Uninstall an Apps on Your android device :

How to /

Install an App

1. Just, click on again ‘File ‘ option and then Browse your apps on your sd card.

2. Double click on the apps and then click on install .

Note : It may ask for permission by showing an pop up notification on your android phone. Then grant permission as usual.

Uninstall an Apps

1. Just , on your computer desktop. select ‘Apps icon‘. A list of your installed apps will appear.

2. Now tick on any one of the app which you want to uninstalled. and click on ‘Uninstall icon‘ . done. see below picture


AirDroid - Install and Uninstall Android apps remotelty

Note : It may ask for permission by showing an pop up notification on your android phone. Then grant permission as usual.

3. Reply For message on WhatsApp :

Android 3 now supports WhatsApp message replies. Now you are not only able to receive notifications but also replies to a particular products. Messages replies only support on Android 4.4 or higher.

How to / 
1. First, On your Android. Go to ‘Settings‘ > ‘Notification Mirror‘ > ‘Enable Mirror Service‘.

2. Now, On your desktop WhatsApp notification. Click on ‘Reply‘ when you get a pop up message for WhatsApp messages and then Enter your message and then click on ‘Send‘. See below picture ,

Airdroid 3 - Reply for whatsapp message using airdorid

Other features that you can enjoy, 
1. Browse all your Android Phone contacts
2. Locate Your Phone.
3. Browse photos
4. Take screenshots 
5. Stream Musics, Videos. Or you can also download it.


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