Axis Ping Pay – Send/Transfer Money Via Social Networking

Axis Ping Pay - Send/Transfer Money Via Social Networking

When we need to make an immediate payment, then the first name comes to our find is PayPal. Because, it makes easier to transfer, send, receive money without sharing our personal information which is reliable for both individual or business oriented entity. 

Likewise, Axis bank launched a similar apps (Ping Pay) to send or receive money without sharing our financial information (like bank account number, PIN etc.) on the fly.

Ping Pay is a multi-social networking app which lets you send, receive, ask for payment across social networks like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Email, Phone Contacts.

When we talk about money banking then the first question come to our mind is security. And fund transfer through only an app across social networking sites. No, never. I earn my single penny by giving too much effort. And, I don’t want lose it.

So, In order to keep the emotions of consumers, Axis bank launched this secure and reliable app ‘Ping Pay’. Ping Pay use IMPS channel and monitors the SIM card and mobile device when the fund transfer takes place. And, the advanced security of this makes it differ from other. And if, it find any insecurity during the transaction then it can cancel the payment immediately.

Key Features: 

1. Registration shall be made through your registered phone number with axis bank.

2. Make Fund Transfer/recharges for free using Ping Pay.

3. Send, Receive, ask for payment without sharing financial information.

4. If you are an Axis bank customer, then you can easily send or receive funds. But, If you are not, then you are also allowed to use this app.You can only just receive fund or ask for payment, but you can’t send funds.

5. When you try to send or receive funds, then Ping pay app automatically generate an OTP (One time password). And the receiver must hear about this and enter the password to make the transaction successful.

6. Send or receive money through any social networking sites like WhatsApp, Twitter, Email, Facebook, Phone Contact List, Voice notes, Voice messages.

7. Ping pay app provides a unique MPIN password (Other than your regular password) to login to your Ping account.

8. You can send or receive funds starting from 1 rupees up to 50000 per day.

9. It provides you SIM lock or device security feature. It means that if an unauthorized person try to make payment then device will automatically lock itself.

10. The receiver has 15 days to transfer the money to his or her account. If, in the event, the receiver does not claim funds received within 15 days, then the fund so transferred auto-reversed automatically to the sender account.

11. A small fee is to be charged to make a payment.



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