How to Download Torrent Files With IDM


How to Download Torrent Files With IDM

Everyone using torrent to download latest films, games, picture and much more. But, there are many people who doesn’t know yet, how to download  the torrent files’. So, I have came with 4 ways by which you can download big files in just a minute.    

ZbigZ Cloud Service : –  ZbigZ is the most popular online cloud service for both Personal and Commercial purpose. But Now, Its also used to download Torrent files. Because, Its very fast and secure. First, You have to open a Free Account there.

Howto ?

1. Just copy the link address of any torrent files.

2. Now, Go to ZbigZ  site. You will find there a blank box saying Paste a link to your file.
3. Then, Paste the copied Torrent file link address there and then click on ‘Go‘.   
4.  Now, ZbigZ ask for Premium service or Free service, Then Choose ‘Free Service‘.

5.  Now, It will take sometime for caching Torrent file. So, wait for sometime.

6.  Now then, your file will be ready to download. You get your file in zip format. So, click on the Zip button to download your file.Done


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