[Fixed] Play Store Error rpc s-7 aec-7, 905, 941, 921, 495

How to Solve Google Playstore Error on Android

Google play store has the largest collection of android apps and due to its popularity google updating the play store apps version. There are some android facing the problems of error due to this update and mostly error occurring on Android lollipop [905 play store error] while downloading large apps and games. Not only Lollipop but all android phone including Samsung Galaxy facing this problem. 

The problems including connection time out, package file is invalid, no connection error, insufficient memory error [Low RAM], error code [194, 927, 905, 101, 194, 491, 498, 194 – 3] and more.

How to Solve Google Play store Error on Android Without Root

Follow the below instructions :                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          
1. Clear  Cache and Data : – Go to Setting > Applications > Manage Applications > Google Play StoreNow, click on ‘Clear Data‘ and ‘Clear Cache‘.                                                                                                     

How to Solve Google Playstore Error on Android

2. Remove Google  Account  and Add Your Google Account Again : –

Remove Account : – Go to Setting > Accounts & Sync. Then click on your Google Account. Now again click on Remove account. Now add your Google account again . Now , You don’t get any error during downloading and updating apps from Google Play Store.

If you facing again error problems then try step 3 given below.

3. Uninstall Updates : – It may be possible that error problem is happening due to update of Google Play Store. Or the new update of Google Play Store is not fully compatible with your android version.

How-to : – Go to Setting > Applications > Manage Applications. Now click on Google Play Store apps. Now again click on  “Uninstall Updates“. That”s it.

How to Solve Google Playstore Error on Android

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