How To Download and Watch Indian Movies Online Free

How To Download and Watch Indian Movies Online Free

Everyone likes to watch movie and there are thousands of online websites for videos but when you search for full movie there, you will get only a few length videos. Or, if you search on Google, you will get millions of result which offer for free watch or download movies online without any cost. And so, it is very difficult to find out the correct one.

Some years ago, there are a few website who really offered for free movie streaming online but due to the pirated content and DMCA complaint, Google banned all these website.

Top 5 Legal Websites To Watch and download Free Full Movies Online For Free


Hotstar is a very popular movie or TV serial streaming android application launched by STAR TV which offer not only for TV serial streaming which you have missed to watch at last night but they also offer for streaming latest full movie in any language like Hindi, Tamil, Marathi, Malayalam etc.

Internet Archive

The Internet archives is a non-profit organization that offers to watch and download old and latest movies online for free. This website is categorized under the non-profit organization, so you can watch public domain movies online for free. Public domain is an intellectual property where no government or person has any propitiatory interest such as a copyright. So, you can watch every movie whether new or old free without any restriction. 

Zero-dollar Movie

The most popular movie streaming website is YouTube. Zerodollar website has been developed by Amit Agarwal(a tech. blogger). Some years ago, YouTube banned all pirated or copyrighted contents due to the huge DMCA complaint. But, all these videos are back. And, zero dollar movie is one of the free online tool which uses YouTube API to fetch the full movies from the YouTube directory. click here


BoxTV is also movie streaming site offer for both free and subscription plan. And, the free plan is almost work like a charm. The collection of movies is too large. The services of BoxTV is very similar to Netflix and Hulu that are available in the US.

In free plan, BoxTv  free content is supported by advertising and the remainder is offered by monthly subscription.


It is a movie on-demand online streaming services in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam etc. It has a wide assortment of movies across genres like drama, action,  romance, thriller. The members of BigFlix can watch all the movies across the multiple devices like Blackberry, Android, Phone, iPad, windows PC etc. click here

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