Google Apps For Work Promo Code India [Verified]

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Good news for webmasters and bloggers, Google now offering free Rs. 300 off for the first year of Google app. As compare to Godaddy and other company for business work, you will get more feature with google app. Now, google app is free for 1 month.

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1. Email: Branded email address i.e. vishaladmin[at] from you can send and receive emails from your clients without using your actual email address.

2. Storage:  As google drive offer 15 GB free file storage. On Google App you will get 30 GB file storage with collaboration with google app that means more personalized features.

3. Office Tool: Office tools included Gmail, Google drive, docs, hangout, calendar, Docs sheet , forms, slides, sites,  which will be managed in one place on admin control panel and vault.

4. Security: On google app, you can add more users with whom you will work at the same time. So, security feature helps you to secure your account not only with two step verification, but you can also able to add and delete your users account when the works ended.

Note:- Google providing 1 month trial for the new users. And, the below tutorial is for trial google apps. If, you do not want continue with google app then you can leave it. Otherwise you can continue which may cost up to 5$ [Rs. 300] a year after applying below promo code,


How to Apply above Promo code

1. First of all, sign up for google app. click here
2. Now, Go to billing setting.
3. Choose your payment plan.
4. And, Enter the Promo code.

How to get  google apps Trial for business 2016

1. First, sign up for a trial account for 1 month. click here

2. Now, fill up the form like below,

Google Apps For Work Promo Code India [Verified]

3. On, current email address you use at work, if you do not have a branded email address. Then, provide you Gmail email account address i.e. And after sign up, you can create your branded email for free.
4. Now on 2nd step. If, you already have a domain on Godaddy or any other. Then select and the first option and a text box will appear, then enter your website address like

if, you don’t have a domain yet, then you can buy from google starting from rs. 480 [Don’t forget to apply the promo code to get rs 300 discount 6QMHXM3VJTH94K]. see below picture,

Google Apps For Work Promo Code India [Verified]

5. Now on step 3, provide further details like below,

Google Apps For Work Promo Code India [Verified]

6. Now, you have successfully sign up for google app for work trial.

7. After sign up, google app will ask you to verify your domain.

8. Just, choose your domain name provider line Godaddy or Namecheap or any other.

9. Google will provide you a verification pin. you just need to login yo your Godaddy and follow the wizard given my Google apps.

Note:- Verification process of Google apps for domain is simple as you verify your blog or website for google webmaster tools.


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