How To Host a Free Website On Google Drive


How To Host a Free Website On Google Drive

Note: Google had depreciated their Google drive hosting feature. And now we cannot host our website on Gdrive. But you can still host your Images, JavaScript and CSS files on Google drive for free (New Guide 2017). Host Files on Google Drive, click here.

IF you are looking for a free website hosting either for permanently or temporarily, then Google drive is the best choice for those who does not want to spend a penny for web hosting.
You can host any files (JavaScript, CSS, Images etc.) on google drive server but can’t host PHP.

Google drive now launched New drive experience for their users where web hosting features is not available. but, you can still use web hosting, because, there are many google drive user facing problems to understand new drive, So google drive giving an option to leave the New drive and get back to old drive option. You just have to click on setting option and then’ Leave The New Drive’.

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How to host a free website on Google Drive (Outdated)

1. First, You have to create all necessary files (CSS, Index, Images), or You can use my files. click here to download.
2. My all files in zip format, so extract the files using WinRAR or any other tools after download.
3. Now,  Log in to your Google Drive account.
4. Create a Folder as ‘My website‘.
5. Now, open the folder (my website) and upload all files (see step 1). 
6. Now, Right click on the folder ( my website ) and then ‘Share’ > ‘Share’.


How To Host a Free Website On Google Drive

7. Now, Click on ‘Advanced‘.

How To Host a Free Website On Google Drive

8. Now, Click on ‘Change‘ and then change the sharing option to public and save the changes.    


How To Host a Free Website On Google Drive


9. And then, copy the URL address of the folder and keep in Notepad.

How To Host a Free Website On Google Drive

10. Now, Your URL address something look like below,

11. Now, we have to make some changes to host files.



After making changes, URL will something like below,

12. Now, Copy and Paste the URL at the browser address bar and hit ‘Enter’. done. Your site now running free on the internet using google drive at free of cost.

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Note: The URL address of the hosted website is too long, then you can short your URL by any URL shortener site or redirected the site using dot TK free domain.


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