How to Add PHPBB Forum To Google Search

Search Engine Optimization is the most important aspect  for any website, blog, forum etc.This means that if your site is not search engine optimized, then your website will not be shown on search engine and the your website traffic will be zero.

Phpbb forum is the most famous software to run a discussion forum. But the problem is that, everyone is not know, how to add their forum to search engine like google.They always search their site on google search, but don’t find their website on search. And they try to add the their forum to google webmaster but fail to do so. So, I have a very small solution for this, after follow this solution, your phpbb forum will be listed within 24 hour. 


1. First, login to your gmail/ google account in a new Window.

2. Now, then click on this link “Add My URL”

3. Now, you will be redirected to the forum submission page.

How to Add PHPBB Forum To Google Search

4. Now, enter your Forum address in  URL  box  and enter captcha and  then click on “Submit Request“.

    You have done. Now, wait for 24 hour and after that search on google this  “site : your forum“. Now, if google indexed your site, then your forum or site will be visible on search engine. 

Submit Your Site/ Forum To Bing

Submit your site/Forum also on Bing Search engine “Add My URL

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