How To Change Folder Icon in Samsung Mobile

Now you can change folder icon of your Samsung mobile phone. But after change folder icon, you will not able to open the folder. In order to open your folder , you have to do opposite process.

By this trick, You can fool your friends because when you will try to open the folder, the folder will say unsupported content and all your precious data will be hidden from unwanted eyes.

Steps :

1.  First download   Blueftp.  DOWNLOAD

2.  Then install and open the application.

3.  Then go to folder which you want to change folder icon.

4.  Now click on the Option Menu.

5.  Then RENAME the folder  i.e. if my folder name is Vishal then I will rename it Vishal.smt

6.  Now close the application. go to the folder and then try to open that. then a prompt message will on the screen saying unsupported content.

   If you want to back you folder again then Open Blue FTP >  Go to the folder > Option Menu > Rename > Then delete .smt

Now, you will able to open the folder.


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