How to Change Fonts on any Android Devices

Android which is launched by Google, has a largest collection of application by which we can customize our android as per desire. 
Fonts for Android devices has also a largest collection offer by Google , but there are also low level android devices which does not support premium fonts, which only have a some default fonts. 
If you are using these low level Android device for a long time, then you must bored with the default fonts.             
If you are a Samsung device users or you searching for changing fonts, Then , you can easily change your default fonts. Just go to ‘Setting  > Screen display > Font style‘. or, if you searching for new fonts, then download Fonomizer SP .
Well, we have already discussed that ‘ How to download , install and change fonts in pc ‘. 
In this tutorial, we will try to change our default fonts in 2 different ways :

      A. Change Fonts without Root 
      B. Change Fonts with Root

 A. Changing Font without Root : If , your Android built in with Custom Rom , then you can easily change theme , fonts and enjoy premium user function . Or if your android is not built in with custom Rom then , you can’t enjoy premium function as stock Google android does not have native functionality for changing system fonts .

     How to ?

        1. First download Go Launcher EX 5.0 from here.

        2. Now, Install as usual .

        3. Now, you have to download fonts. Google has a largest collection of fonts over 500 styles. You can download Google fonts by going their website from  here or i have some collection of fonts. Click here to download ( This file is in zip format, so you have to extract it using winrar or any other tool ).

        4. Now After Extract, transfer all fonts into your Android Sd card.

        5 Now, copy all the fonts on your android sd card and paste them into Go launcher Ex fonts folder [ Sd card >  GolauncherEx  > Fonts ] .

        6. Now, On your Android device, Click on menu > Preference > Fonts > Scan Font.

        7. When , scan is completed, then click on  ‘Select font‘ ( located below Scan font option ) and then choose your desire fonts. done 

B. Changing Font with Root : Root is the Superuser Permission by which we can get Privilege Control over our device. we can able to install or uninstall Pre-installed application.

 How to ?

    1. First Root your Android device.  Click here

    2. Now, Download and Install ‘iFont‘ from here

    3. Then, Open/Launch iFont application and then Go to Online tab and select the font which you want to install.

     4. Now, Tap on ‘Download‘ option and click on ‘Install’.

     5. And then, Restart your Android Device.

 Note : In ‘ iFont ‘, You are also able to use custom fonts as per your choice. You can download Fonts from Google Fonts website or  I have some collections of fonts, click here to download.

   How to ?

    1. First download Fonts from here. ( skip if you have already downloaded ) 

    2. The file is in zip format, then extract the files using winrar ( If you downloaded the file in PC ), or extract files using ‘Es File Explorer‘ ( If you have downloaded files in your Android device ).

    3.  Now, Move all fonts to Sd Card > iFont (folder) > Custom (folder)‘ on your Android Phone.

    4. Now, Launch/Open ‘iFont’ and then click on  ‘Custom’ tab .

    5. And then ‘ Select ‘ your desired font from the Fonts list.

    6. Now, click on Set > Ok > Ok .

    7. Now, your android phone automatically restarted/reboot.Done.

 Now, you can enjoy new looks of your android device.Done.



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