How To Close a Program Which Is Not Responding

Crashed VLC media player , operamini , Chrome , Firefox , Excel .

Sometimes, We have to deal with a program which is just stop responding or crashed at startup.
Applications on pc may be crashed, when an hardware exceptions occures that can’t be handled, Bad Ram, Cluttered registry, viruses, hardware driver issues, software bugs, outdated programs and drivers, corrupted program etc.

Below are the some Guide that may help a lot to you :

Note : 4 Solutions given in the article . Use 2nd one when 1st solution is not working .

1. Wait : – If an apps crashing , then don’t turn off / restart your computer. please wait for a few minutes. Sometimes, Pc goes to slow due to complex or busy programs.

2. Alt + F4 :- If, Crashed programs not solved after a few minutes waiting. Then press Alt + F4 simultaneously.

3. End Task Using Task Manager :

           *  Right click on the task bar and then select  ‘Start Task Manager‘.
           *  In the Appliactions tab, select a program which is not responding.
           * And, then click on ‘End Task‘. That’s it.

4. Using Command Prompt :

        * Press  Win + R  simultaneosly and then type ‘cmd‘ and then hit ‘Enter‘  to launch command Prompt.

        * Now, Type  taskkill /im filename.exe 
        * Replace ‘Filename‘ with the name of the unresponding program.

        * And then hit ‘Enter‘.

Some tips to stop programs to be crashed:

1. Always update your window applications and drivers .

2. Scan Your Pc atleast once a day . You can also use ‘ Microsoft Safety Scanner ‘ . Its a powerful virus scanner which will remove all spyware or viruse which stopping your programs to perform  . This scanners is worked with your Antivirus  and expires 10 days after downloading . But you can download again after 10 days .

3. Reduce Memory Usage : Some window apps consume more memory than others . 

 How to close high memory using programs.

      * Start Task Manager 
      * Select ‘Proccesses Tab‘ and then check which program using high memory.
      * Now, Select ‘High Memory using ‘program, then hit on ‘End Task‘.

4. If, you have updated Antivirus, then you don’t need to worry. Antivirus also has a  feature to warn to you about high memory using programs and also instruct you to ‘how to close them’.

Thanks. I hope, these solution may help a lot to you .     


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