How to Convert a Web Page into a Pdf On PC

Pdf is the most popular extension for the devices which is readable on devices, transferable either device to device or online .
Sometimes , you want to convert your favorite web pages into pdf for offline reading.

3 ways :
1. Using Google Chrome,
2. Using online Website,
3. Using Chrome Extension,

A. Using Google Chrome : If, you are a Google Chrome User then You can easily Download and convert any we page into pdf,

 * Go to the Web page

 * Right Click on the Page and then print.

 * Change the Destination option to Save as Pdf and then Click on Save.

How to Convert a Web Page into a pdf


B. Using Online Website : Online Pdf converter also the best alternative of Google chrome to convert a web page into pdf. They not only convert you favorite web page, but also your Email messages. Only use this option , if your file is not case sensitive .

*  Go to a web page which you want to convert into pdf,

*  Now copy the page URL from the address bar,

*   Now to go this link and  Paste your web URL in the box and then click on Convert 


How to Convert a Web Page into a pdf

C. Using Chrome Extension : You can also USE  chrome extension  ”  SAVE AS PDF  ” .  Use of this extension very easy > Just install it at your chrome browser , then go the the web page which you want to convert , then click on the EXTENSION.


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