How to Extract Audio from Video On Window PC

Are you trying to convert or extract audio from video?, and you have not successful yet .
Then you are in right place where you can see, in how many ways you can extract audio from video easily.

A.  By Online Converter : – Online is the best method to extract audio from any video . Because its only the method, where , you don’t need to learn the anything. The most famous online converter site is , where , you can convert Video to mp3, wav, Iphone ringtone, m4a, flac, ogg, mp2, amr. You will also have an option to take video from Google drive.

   Site :

 B. By Using VLC Media Player: -VLC media player is the best audio extractor.


    1. First Launch VLC media Player,

    2. Now, Click on  Media > Convert/Save 

    3.   Then, a Pop up window will appear like below,


How to Extract Audio from Video

       4. Now, select your video by click on Add button under file menu. And then click on Convert/Save.

How to Extract Audio from Video

      5. Now, again a pop up window will appear, then in ‘destination‘ place, select your drive by click on ‘Browse‘ button for where you want to save your converted file. And then in profile option, click on the drop down menu and select ‘Audio-mp3‘. see below pic .

How to Extract Audio from Video

            6. Now, Click on ‘Start‘. Done. Now, check your converted mp3 files in drive where you save.

C.  By Using Window Software  : – There are also a ton of window offline software is available to convert Video to Audio or extract Audio form Video. Follow are the window apps.
    1.  Free Video to Audio Converter  :- Its the completely free audio extractors for window which can convert any video files to audio. Click here  for more info.

    2. AoA Audio Converter : – AoA extract audio track from Avi, Mov, Mp4, youtube video, Dat, WMV, Mpg etc. Click here for more info.

D. By Changing extension :- It is the very simplest trick which everyone should must know. But the problem is that with this trick it can change the video to Audio file but it does not change the size of the file. But its very easy to do.

  Guide : You just change the name of the extension. If the video file name is Bang-bang.mp4, then change the extension name to mp3 i.e Bang-Bang.mp3.

You can change the extension to mp4, mp3, wav. amr, AVI  etc.


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