How to Get More Visitors For Blogger And Site

How to Get More Visitors For Blogger And Site


There are many bloggers who makes their blogger site to generate some extra money , but they don’t get any traffic. or they have to close their site or blog. Everything is just depend upon search engine optimization, if your blog not SEO optimized, then your blog does not get fruit. The SEO depend upon several factors, like Submission of sitemap, backlinks, contents writing etc. [Get free Ahrefs account Trial]

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1. Powerful content :  – The first rule to generate traffic is to make powerful content. I means write more powerful content.

* Use high graphic pictures
* Don’t write Rubbish contents
* Rules say that “Write less but Promote high”.
* Only concentrate on write only attractive words or contents.

2. Social Media : –  The report of 2014 saying that 75 percent of total population use Facebook, twitter or another social media site. So, share your every blog post to your social media site. And say your friends to share your content to their friends.

The most popular social media site who generate more traffics for a website are :
       *google plus

3. Join Online Community And Forum  : – The online community or forum is a community where the peoples discuss their problems. You have to join these communities and participate on their discussion and give answer of your problems but don’t forget to leave your link with your answer there.
The most popular online community is Yahoo answer  where you get 1 half of your total visitors from there. The second one is Google Forum.

4. Use Awesome and Clean template  : – The good design of a blogger or site can attract more visitors. Because , the reader think that, the great design website have good value or reputation. Btemplates has a great collection of blogger template which is clean and best for SEO.

5. Submit Both Xml and Robot.txt sitemap : – The sitemap takes more important place to generate traffics or visitors. Because if you don’t have sitemap, then your sitemap will not be visible on google  search engine . So, if you don’t know, how to submit sitemap then follow the below link :

                          ” How To Submit Google Sitemap for Blogger

6. Submit Your Sitemap to 1000 Of search engine  – The most important thing to generate more visitors is to submit your site to 1000 of search engine. Because submit your site, you will get your visitors worldwide.

Submit :
1.  First submit your site to top 10  popular search engines   Click here
2. Second, submit your site to 1400 search engine by ping my URL  Click here
3. Submit your site to  Blogsiteslist

7. Blogger Widget – Blogger widget helps a lot more to get visitors back to read your precious content.
      Widgets  :
                  * Feedburner Subscription widget
                  * Popular posts
                  * Facebook or Twitter Like widgets

8. Pay Per Click  :  – The pay per click is a very fastest way to generate traffics for your blogger. There are various online pay per click program who gives you free credit for first time. So, join their program, then use your free credit, and when your free credit is over then don’t use these programs.  The most popular pay per click program is Google Adword who gives you 5000 or 2000 rupees credit for first time joining.


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