How to Hide Files behind an image or jpg



We know that there are many window software available to hide any files. But now, I have a trick by which we can hide files in jpg.
Requirements : 

    *  Winrar Tool

Follow the below steps :


1.  First, Create a Folder in D drive or in any other drive and name it as per your wish i.e.

2. Now move your files to this folder  (‘Huge‘) which you want to hide.

3.  Now,  Right click on the folder i.e. ‘Huge‘.  And then  select ‘Add to Huge.rar‘. 

4.  Now, the folder is converted into Huge.rar file.


1.  Now,  Open Command Prompt (cmd).

       Start  >  Accessories  >   Command Prompt 

2.  Now, Type  ‘cd  desktop‘ and then Press ‘Enter‘.

3.  Then, Type  Copy /b image-name.jpg + file-name.rar final-image.jpg

Note  :
  *  Replace Image Name with the image behind which you want to hide your files.

  *  Replace file-name.rar with the .rar files which you created in Part A above. For eg, In my case Huge.rar 

  *  Replace final-image with the name of your choice . It is the name of the result. 

4.  Now then,Press Enter. Done.

How to access this hidden files   ?

  1.  Right click on the image.

  2.  Extract the image using Winrar Tool.  Done.


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