How To Increase Browsing Speed of Opera Mini


How To Increase Browsing Speed of Opera Mini

Opera Mini is a very fast and reliable browser used by a million of peoples all over the world. Opera mini has a tons of extension like Chrome which has many features.
Its also give a features for those whose page loading speed is too low, there are a few people who know this trick.

Now, This is not a trick. This is only a function provided by opera server. By this, your Opera mini browsing speed will be increase, your mobile data will consume less.


1.  Open operamini

2.  Then type

3.  Now Exit the application And reopen Operamini

  Note :- Don’t write  www.  before typing the address.

This works perfectly on all s40 , java and s60 mobile version. you can also use this at your pc operamini.. 



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