How to install and change Fonts on Window PC

When, I going to writing on Notepad, Ms office, then I find the old and default Window fonts which is just a garbage and nothing.
When, We Surf the web then We see that Online Web fonts is much better than Window fonts. Online Web Fonts has more than 1000 style in which you can see different type of fonts in different Website. These fonts are provided by Google Inco. for free for any use either commercial or personal.

So, Today’s article about, How we Can Install these Fonts on PC and How We can change our PC default Fonts.

 Install Google Web Fonts ON PC :- Google Web Fonts is most popular and has a ton of style over your thought.The Top 5 are Open Sans, Josefin Slab, Arvo, Lato, and Vollkorn.
You can use that top 5 Google Fonts or you can browse and download as per your desire .You can also download whole the Google Fonts which is around of 700 mb from the Google using Httrack.

How to Install ?

  1. I am using Noto Serif Fonts on my Pc .You can Download it From Here . This file is in zip format. So you have to extract it using Winrar. 

In Noto Serif, you will get four types of fonts such as Noto Serif-Bold, Noto Serif-BoldItalic, Noto Serif-Italic, Noto Serif-Regular.

Recommended  : Noto Serif – Regula .
2.Now After extract, Right Click on the Noto Serif-Regular and then Click on Install.Done

How to Change?

1. First, Right Click on the Desktop and then click on ‘Personalize‘.

2. Then, Click on ‘Window Color‘.see below picture,


                                     How to install and change Fonts on PC

3. Then, Click on ‘Advance appearing Setting‘.Now a pop up window will appear.

4. Now in Pop up window, You will see some option.

5. Then, Click on Item Option, a drop down option will appear, then select ‘icon‘.

6. Now Click on ‘Font‘ option, then a drop down option will appear, then select your fonts name. If you install my recommendation ‘Noto Serif-regular‘. Then Choose Noto Serif and then click on ‘Ok‘. See below picture, 


How to install and change Fonts on PC


 7. Now, Save Your Changes.


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