How to Install Device Drivers on PC : 2 Steps

Device is the most essential software program to run any hardware devices. If any, drivers missing, then your pc will not be operated well .

There are two ways to set up device driver on your pc. Just follow the steps :

First Way : (Manually)

1.  Download device driver as zip file.   ( e.g. for google usb driver click here

2.  Then EXTRACT  the downloaded .ZIP  file    (i .e.  right click on  .ZIP   file and then click on extract here. After it,  a folder will appear on the same page i.e. usb driver)

3.  Then  click on Start  > All Programs
Accessories > Run. Then type  devmgmt.msc


   Hold window icon on your keyboard and click on  R   on same time. and then type  devmgmt.msc

4.  Now a window will appear .and find out the driver  with a yellow triangle . 

5.  Now right click on the driver with yellow triangle > click on Properties > click on Update Driver.

6.  Now click on Browse My Computer For Driver Software.

7.  Now locate your extracted folder ( i.e. usb driver viz, see step 2)

8.  Now click Ok.

9.  Now click on Next.

10. Now, window say you, installation successful .

2nd  WAY : By Window update 

Go to  Start  > Programs > Windows Update. Do a full custom scan, then in the hardware section it might find the hardware drivers you need. Install them.

3rd WAY : By Android Sdk

1.  First, you computer should have Android Sdk. If your pc have, then all right but if not then you have set up it.

2. To set up Android adk, you have to download 3 window application and install them.

                I . Java Sdk  :        DOWNLOAD           ( 1st install it )

               II . Android Sdk :  DOWNLOAD

              III . Eclipse  :          DOWNLOAD

3.  Now Launch  Android Sdk manager   .

4.  Now a command box will appear. Now untick all the check marks.

5.  Now scroll down to Extra on the command box.and then select Google USB Driver.

6.  And then click on Install 1 Package.

How to Install Device Drivers on PC : 2 Steps

7. Now connect your phone from pc, then in android device  go to Setting > Application > Development Tool >  select  Usb Debugging.

8.  Now, in your PC, go to  Start > Control PanelView Device and Printer  (under hardware and sound).

9.  Now find your Android Device.

How to Install Device Drivers on PC : 2 Steps


10.  Now Right click on android device ( i.e. in above pic. Spreadtrum phone )  > click on
 Hardware Tab  > Properties > Update Driver.

11.  Now, go to Android Sdk manager  ( i.e. command box )  > scroll dwon to Extra > select the folder which match with your Android device  > Click Ok. done

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