How To Open A Blocked Website


Is your school or colleges ban you from opeing social networking site like Facebook ,twitter , pinterest , msn etc .

Then , there are several options is avialable to access these blocked sites

1. Online Proxy : A proxy server which allow us to bypass the restricted sites . Proxy server that passes requests and responses unmodified is usually called a gateway . Proxy server is used to connect the web pages with different ip addresses . Search for any proxy sites or simple go to .

2. Url shortener : Url shortener is redirection service which can be use as alternative of proxy server . , tiny url , is the best choice . 

3. Google Mobile View : Google mobile search is also work as proxy server . it disable all the javascript , css source codes , and convert the web page into a simple Html pages for fast loading .

* Just put the below address in the address bar and replace with the banned or restricted sites 


4. Google translate : Translater is used to translate a web page from one language to another . Google Translate is a service which fetch the web pages indirectly from the server into their translator page .

5. Pdf viewer : Pdf viewer just convert a web page into pdf documents for offline reading .  So , it can also be used to bypass retricted sites . use Pdf viewer

6.  Changing ip Address : Every computer has a unique id which is known as Ip address , which define the location of the user .

So , If you able to change the ip address , then it can bypass the sites . There are a ton of sites is available on  the web to get free ip addresses and port  . 

 how to /

  * Open proxy setting on your browser

  * Select proxy setting and enter the below ip address and port and then save the changes.

                     ip =
                     port = 80



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