How To Recover Nokia Mobile Security Code


How To Recover Nokia Mobile Security Code

 Sometimes we locked our mobile by security code for protection, but forgot the password.

In This regard, We Have A Very Simple and good trick to unlock the password.

There are two alternatives, If one is not work, then try another one, 

Alternative 1

1.  In this method, you have to download  Nokia Free Calculator.

  To download, click on it  DOWNLOAD

2. After download, open the app

3. Then put your  Imei No.   and then press Calculate.  Then you will get a list of security code for your mobile at  Right Side.

Alternative 2

1. Download  DOWNLOAD.

2. Open it on your computer. then extract it..

3. Then install the APP in your pc .

4. Open it and Connect your Nokia mobile in PC suite mode.

5.  Go to Service tab and Press Get under  ‘User Code’ Frame .

Now you can see your password at the right side .


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