How to Streamline Tasks with Productivity Apps

How to Streamline Tasks with Productivity Apps
Streamline Tasks with Productivity Apps

If there is one device that can keep people of all ages engaged- it is smartphones. No matter where you turn to look, everyone is engrossed with their phones either using it to read the paper, listen to songs, play games or texting friends on WhatsApp and Facebook. They have become a truly inseparable part of our lives and not a day goes by where we don’t use our phones.

There are a lot of productivity tasks your phone can perform and you can use your phone to its fullest potential thanks to these apps:

Office Mobile 
This is Microsoft’s offering of its fully functional Office for the Android users. It brings to you the power of Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Excel with an easy user interface that allows you easy access to your files which you can edit and share on the go. You can work with graphs, charts, animations and graphics giving you the full package. You can access your previous documents which you were viewing on the computer, on your mobile, through the Cloud. You can even email documents to your contacts and this is a great tool for working individuals who can stay in touch even if they’re travelling. Make sure to download this app to simplify managing documents.

Food Panda
This is another great offering if you’re craving for your favorite pizza or food at odd hours are stuck at work and can’t go and eat out. Just download the Foodpanda app and you’ll get access to all the restaurants around you and you can order to your hearts delight and treat yourself to burgers, pizzas, pasta, Chinese, Indian, Thai and many more cuisines at any time. You get the food delivered to you hot and you can avail various offers making the food even more relishing. The app also allows you to customize your meal as if you were in a real restaurant and this app will surely bring a smile on your face and satiate your appetite.
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Expense Manager
With increasing expenditure and increasing value of money, it has become important to better manage expenses and better handle savings. This is a great tool to manage your budget and is simple to use. There are no hidden features in this app and it helps you track expenses weekly, monthly and yearly. You can set reminders and better plan when you need to pay bills and get payment alerts. You can look at the full report of your income and expenditures and you can back up the data on Dropbox, Google Drive as well as use SD back up. It’s a great tool to manage expenses and will always keep you in line!

This is a nifty app to have on your phone as it helps you manage notes, emails, memos and messages as well as lists and reminders in a synchronized fashion. It has two note taking formats one on paper and one supporting a check list format. It’s a great word processing program and allows you to edit and share your notes at a later date as well. You can move the important reminders on your home screen as well. You can easy make a to- do shopping check list and tick off options so you don’t forget to buy anything. It’s a great app that goes a long way in simplifying day to day activities.
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Easy Touch
This is an amazing tool for your phone that helps you manoeuvre around the phone with ease. You can place it anywhere on the home screen and use it to make use of shortcuts. With one tap you get shortcuts to make a call, use the phone, click a photograph or visit recent apps you were working on. It is not a widget and it floats on your home screen and lock screen and gives you quick access to wherever you want to go on the phone.

Get yourself a good smartphone which will help take the stress out of life and everyday tasks and will go a long way in making your life much easier to handle and tackle situations.

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