How to submit Blogger Sitemaps to Google webmaster

Sitemap is a xml file that lists the url of the site.It allows webmasters to include additional information about each url:how often it changes etc. Simply , it is a directory of all pages of your website  which helps the search engine to find your contents easily.Read more

1st Way : By Robot.Text file                                                                       

* First, Go to this address click here, and then create a robot.text sitemap.                                                

How to submit Blogger Sitemaps to Google webmaster

* Now,  Log in to your blogger account

* Go to  Dashboard > Setting > Search Preference

* Now, click on Custom Robot.text

* Then Enable it,

* Now paste the sitemap into the blank box, and then click on Save Changes . watch gif as video .

2nd Way : Xml sitemap : –   Now , you don’t need to submit xml sitemap for your blogger to Google webmaster . Google now automatically genarating it . Just copy and paste the below url into the browse address bar and hit enter .


* Replace my Blog name with your blog name               

3rd Way : By Submit Atom sitemap      
 1 . Log in to your blogger account .

2 . Then click on your BlOG in which you want to add Sitemap .

3 . Then click on  Open webmaster tool


How to submit Blogger Sitemaps to Google webmaster

 4 .  Now click on Add a Website ( if you not added yet )

 5 . Now click on the website

 6 .  Now click on Sitemaps.

 7.   Now, click on Add/Test Sitemap.

 8 .  Now  something will happened like below

How to submit Blogger Sitemaps to Google webmaster

 9. Now the paste the below sitemap into the blank area.


 10. Now click on  Submit Sitemap. done

Note : If in future , your blog post exceeds the 500 blog post then do the above step again ,but this time your sitemap will be.


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