How To Use Two Number of Whatsapp in One Device

WhatsApp is a very popular messaging apps. You can download it from anywhere from android apps store. But you can use only 1 WhatsApp account in  one device. But, You can’t install another WhatsApp for your second number.

But now, I have solution for this. BY this tutorial, you will know that how to use 2 number of WhatsApp in a single device.


1.  First, Backup all of your 
WhatsApp data.
  [For backup, Open 
WhatsApp, then go to Setting > Chat setting > Backup Conversations]

2.  Now, Go to Sdcard/Memory Card , Then find out 
WhatsApp folder .

3.  Now, change the folder name from 
WhatsApp to OGWhatsApp.


How To Use Two Number of Whatsapp in One Device

4. Now, Uninstall your 

5. And, then download This 
WhatsApp “OGWhatsapp“.

6. Now, Install and run OG
WhatsApp on your android device with the old number. I means, when you will open OGWhatsApp, it will say for Login, then use your old number.

[Old number means the number which were you using before uninstalling old WhatsApp]

7. Now, you have successfully set up OG
WhatsApp account.

8. Now , Go to Google PlayStore, and then download 
WhatsApp again. But at this time, use your New number for sign up.
Now, after above tutorial you will see at your mobile home screen, there is two WhatsApp shortcuts :

  • First, OGWhatsApp      [with your old number]
  • 2nd,  WhatsApp             [with your new number]



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