How to Make Direct Link of 4shared Files

4Shared is a free online file sharing website that provides us 15 GB free File Hosting. But the problem is with it that its don’t give us the direct link of our uploaded file. When we click on file link given by to download, then we have to sign up for this.

Follow the below tutorial:

 1.  First, Upload a file that you want to share or make a direct link. For example purpose, I have already uploaded a file, and my file link is below  given by 4shared;


 2.  Now, we have to make a direct link of above file or any files.

 3. Now, go to this link, Direct link maker.

 4. Now, put the above link or your 4shared link into the blank box and then click on ‘SUBMIT’.

 5.  Now, You will be redirected to the Download page, then find out your file name and then right click on the file and then  ‘Copy Link Address‘. 

     Your file’s direct link will be something like below, (   )


  6. Now above link is your file’s direct link. But the link is too large, but you can use URL Shortener to short the above long URL to short URL.

  How to short the above long URL?

– Go to this Link    URL Shortener

– Now, Put your Long Link in the blank box and then Click on Shorten, Now Copy your Shorten URL.
– Now, Your Shorten URL something look like below,

                                              Thanks For Reading. Must share this with your friends, Just post this link  ‘ ‘ on facebook, twitter or anywhere.


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