Manage And Secure Your Passwords With Google Smart Lock

Almost, All website and applications require passwords. You have to remember all passwords and it’s very hard to do it. So, in order to reduce the burden you use several password managers like LastPass, KeePass, DashLane, 1Password to create an advanced secure password.

The portable password manager like KeyPass which is integrated with USB flash drive helps you to secure your password. And, the best benefit of portable apps is that you can carry it everywhere. Because, portable apps can run in any computer PC directly from USB Flash drive or without installing on your PC.

Now, among the war of best password managers. Google has launched his new Android (4.0 Lollipop) application viz, Google Smart Lock. Which is also integrated with google chrome (either PC or Android).

Smart Lock On Google Chrome: Along with Android Lollipop, Google has also launched Smart lock for Chrome users. Now, you no need to remember passwords of any online website. The most reliable features has been inserted in this lock features is that it can synchronize with any of your devices.
Normally, When you select option of save password in Chrome, then you can easily manage all your saved passwords by going to the Chrome setting. But now in this lock feature, a copy of your saved passwords also be saved to your google account. Which, You can easily manage your password by going to

Manage And Secure Your Passwords With Google Smart Lock
Set up Google Smart Lock on Google Chrome                                    

And,the forgotten of password is not possible. Because, all your saved passwords will be in one place and you can access it on any devices. You just have to sign in to google chrome with your valid Gmail or Google account to the device on which you want to access the password. That means, you no need to remember the password, Just go to the log in page of the website, enter the username and then chrome will automatically fill up the password section.                                         

Smart lock For Android

Currently, Google smart lock is only available for Android Lollipop. And, Android Lollipop is come with the pre-built feature of Google Smart Lock. That means, you no need to install it manually from the Google Play Store.

Features :

1. Trusted Devices : You can assign many devices as trusted devices. That means, When your trusted devices get paired with your Android. then, you can unlock your mobile by  a simple swipe.

2. Trusted location : You can set any of your favorite location as trusted location like you home, office, to keep unlocked your phone whenever you are there. For this features, you must have internet connection or WiFi by which google could identify your location.

3. Facial Recognition : You can also set your face as trusted face. Every time, when you turn on your phone, then it will search for your face and unlock if it recognizes you.

4. Body-Detection : You can also use body-detection features to unlock your device. When, you carrying on your device in your pocket, hand, bag. Then,  the accelerometer built in your device will keep your device unlocked when it senses that is is being carried.

5. Search with ‘Ok Google’ : You can have your device unlock when you do a search with “Ok Google.” You won’t have to put in your password to view search results if we’re able to recognize you using the sound of your voice.


1. Open Your Device Settings Menu.

2. Then, select Smart Lock.

3. Now, You get 3 options for Trusted device, Trusted face, Trusted place.

4. Now, set your lock option as per you desire. You can set up lock which is discussed at above features.


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