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Free Direct Download Link Generator

There are thousands of online free file sharing/uploading website where you can upload and share any files like mp3, script, documents or also you can upload your entire folder. All these websites are free to use but the problems is that these websites does not provide direct download link.

HugeStreet is happy to announce our first JavaScript browser App which is like an unlimited
premium download link generator by which you can get direct download link of the following file storage website;

  • Google Drive,
  • Dropbox,
  • Onedrive,
  • Copy
  • Sugarsync

This JavaScript browser app is built with browser DOM element that it does not required any external linking. You just have to open index with any web browser.

How to/

1. First download the file(click here). The file is in rar format. So, you have to extract the file using any file extracting tool like WinRar.

2. Then, you will find there some folder and an index.html file. Just double click on index.html or open it with any browser[Chrome Recommended].

3. And, then paste your file link in the first input field and then click on ‘Generate‘.

4. Now, URL in the second input field will be your file direct link.

5. Here, you will have some option. You will have some buttons just below the second input field.

6. Just, click on,

  • Download = To download the files,
  • Highlight  =  To copy the generated direct download link URL.
  • Reset = Reset all the input and output field.

7. And at last, an update button. For updating the APP.

Note: This JavaScript App is in development process.  This App supports only Google drive, Onedrive, Dropbox, Sugarsync and

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