How to Remove Pre-installed Apps From Android


How to Remove Pre-installed Apps From Android

Android mobiles is the popular OS and the users of this OS is increasing day by day. But the most noted thing is that it comes with various pre-installed third party apps. and We have no authority to remove them. But the developers solve this problems and made a guide to un-installed these apps.
 After  Removing these apps, your android RAM will be increased.


1. First, Your Android Phone must be Rooted . If you have not rooted your android yet .Then follow this topic,  “HOW TO ROOT ANDROID MOBILE”.

    After root, you will be the super user or a developer of your android Mobile .

2.  Now, download anyone of these two apps,

                                   * Root App Delete

                                   * App master ( Uninstall Master )

3. Now, Launch the App , and Uninstall any Pre-loaded apps which you do not want. done



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