Run Portable Windows Programs From USB Flash Drive

Run Portable Windows Programs From USB Flash Drive

Portable application program helps to run all your favorite window apps without installing on your PC or directly from your USB flash drive. Sometimes  you need to work with Skype, office utility applications. And Or Some games which you want to play with your friends at their home. But the games only has been installed on your computer.

How To Run Portable Version Of Windows Apps Directly From USB Flash Drive

Then the utility of Portable window application program helps to run all your favorite program directly from your USB Flash drive. It means, If you have installed all your favorite apps on your USB flash drive, then you don’t need to worry. You can easily work anywhere. Just you need to carry your USB flash drive.  And you can work easily on any Window PC or mac, Linux. Currently its support almost all operating systems .

Set-Up Portable Apps Program On Your Window PC Or Mac

Portable Apps program almost supports all Operating system Linux, Unix, BSD, etc via Wine & Mac OS X via CrossOver, Wineskin, WineBottler, PlayOnMac.

How to /
  1. Download a copy of this software. click here
  2. Install as usual by following its wizard.

How To Install A Program On USB Flash Drive

  1. Just Download your favorite apps on your PC . This application also give a list of portable apps which you can install.
  2. Move Your Download Apps to your USB Flash drive.
  3. And double click on it. And then, it automatically will run.

Important Note : – No doubt . This application may help a lot to you . But just remember one thing about it that whenever you will want to run your software on another window pc using your USB flash drive . Then you will have to download and install Portable app program on that computer also .

List Of top Portable programs which can Run using USB Flash drive :

  1. FileZilla : – If you are a webmaster then Filezilla helps to upload your files to your hosted web server.
  2. Teamviewer :   It’s also one of my favorite window apps by which  you can help your friends by advanced screen sharing.
  3. Notepad ++ :- The advanced Notepad ++ helps you to integrate with google docs account by which you can save all your works cloudly.
  4. GIMP :-  It’s like Photoshop program. It free and open source. You can run On USB flash drive. By using this you can edit your photo, create ads banner for blogger and website.
  5. CCleaner : – CCleaner is one of the top rated apps which is used to delete cookies , temporary files, browser history, index.dat files and etc.
  6. Browser : – You can also install Mozilla Firefox and Google chrome .
  7. uTorrent : – It’s used to download files from torrent sites.
  8. 7-zip : – It is used to zip and unzip any files such as rar, zip, tar etc.
  9. Express Burn : – It lets you create and record audio and Data CDs with any CDRW drive.
  10. Team talk : – It allows you talk with your friends and family using Internet as audio carrier.
  11. Tomahawk PDF+ : – It is one of the advanced PDF viewer and creator.
  12. Task coach : – It is just an another kind of Task manager which lets you create a task or schedule task.

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