How To Secure Google or Gmail Account

How To Secure Google or Gmail Account
In today world’s, The hacking of gmail account is not so hard. The hacking of gmail account is increasing day by day.
So, the protection of gmail account is so important because, its very useful for person who maintain internet banking, transactions, make online payments, do blogging.

So, what will you do, when your account hijacked.If  a hacker hijack your account, then they will be able to see all your online transaction reports. He/her may use your gamil account to sign up with others programs.

When, the holder of an email account is hijacked, then google send her a report by using message, emails, that please create a new password for your account safety. But the problem is that the google not only provide gmail service as they provide various kinds of service like blogger, youtube, google playstore etc. If you change your password, then a hacker can use any of the service to hack your account.

But, there are various ways to protect your account. These are follows.

1.   A strong password :- 
The strong password pay a important role to protect a account. But there are many peoples who use same password for log in for a number of online services.So, if a hacker hack one account, then he/her will be able to hack all account.

So, use different password for different services :

            i .   Don’t use your mobile phone number as a password.

           ii .  Don’t use any simple numbers or words as a password like, qwerty, area pin code, father name, mother name etc.

          iii . Don’t write your password as plain text on Notepad , on desktop .

Always gives a password with different numbers and letters . Always use long password minimum 8 character . 

Password should be something like this AKASHsingh852. This password is so strong . Because it is in different character.

You can also help from  howsecureismypassword. Just go this website, and enter your password and check, the password is strong or not.

2. – Check your filters:-  This is a very important setting which you should check .This function is used to forward  an email to another email address .

 If a hacker hijack your account. But after hijack, you are successful re-secured your account. But don’t happy, because there are many chances that your account  can be hijacked again as when the a hacker hijacked your account , then their first work is to change setting of Change Your Filter. They add a extra email account on this setting.

The benefit they get from it is that , when you change your password , then as the per the google policy , a verification email is sent to you on your email address that the new password of your email account  is ****** .

Or then, the setting of Check Your Filter  forward this email to hacker email address.  

   How to safe Your account From This ?

* When you are successful able to re-secured your gmail account. Then don’ wait. Just Do the below :

Open gmail Account > Setting > Forwarding and Pop/ Imap
And make sure that , The above setting is Disable. And check your Filters that there are no filters rules is set up for forwarding an email.

How To Secure Google or Gmail Account

3. Enable Two Step Verification :
  – Two step verification is used by million of gmail user and webmaster . Because it is a service which covers all tips .

Why this step is so important than others ?

Suppose , a Hijacker hacked your account . he/her has your gmail password .Then he can open your gmail account .

But don’t worry, if you enable two step verification. Because for login, there are no requirement  for only password, but also your mobile phone number.

When, you try to log in your gmail account then a 6 digit numerical sent to your mobile number which is registered by two step verification. And you need to enter these number for login.

see below picture ;


How To Secure Google or Gmail Account

So click on this to enable two step verification : TWO STEP VERIFICATION LINK

4. Browsing in Incognito mode : –


    i .  Incognito mode disables all browser extensions
    ii . Safe your privacy
    iii. Safe your personal information .

Why we should disable all extension?

 * There are more chances that a hacker make a browser extension which sent all information, what you browsing, in which log in page you are.

 The extensions can force the browser to save the log in passwords of your online transactions, And then afterwards, all the information will be sent to to hackers.

How to enable Incognito mode:

Chrome: Click on tool > New Incognito window  OR simply press [CTRL + SHIFT + N].

Opera: Click on Tool > New private window OR simply [CTRL + SHIFT + N].

5. Report Phishing :– Sometimes, we get an email that you have won 500000 dollar as a prize. Please, send your 

           i .     Username , Password 

          ii .     Social security number
         iii.      Social security numbers 
         iv .     Bank account number
         v .      PINs 
        vi .      Full credit Card number
        vii.      Your Mother’s Maiden Name 
       viii.      Your Birthday

Then what will you do?

* Then, just report this phishing or Fraud Email to google.

                   *   First, open the fraud  Email

                   *   Then, click the down arrow next to reply  in the top right corner of the message .

How To Secure Google or Gmail Account

                   * Then, click on Report Phishing.

 Be careful : Please, must check that the email is not sent by your friends otherwise, he/her can be punished by google policy.

6. Recover option on gmail account:
 – Always update your Password recovery setting Gmail . Always look at the Recovery option , that the password recovery option is same as you set. Or If you found that , a another recovery option is address , then just delete that .

7. Updation:
 – Always update your operating system , antivirus , and Browser . Because , when you update your browser and operating system , then a extra security is added to your browser and operating system .

8.  Download :-
 Always, download songs, files, software from trusted site. If you download these files from un-trusted  site, then the file can be downloaded with viruses.

Thanks  for reading . If i found another security tips, then I must update this article. 


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